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Prades mountains (Sierra) - Hiking Geographic Card
Leisure, nature and culture
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Image: Author: Josep Abelló Ribera
License of use: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
Prades mountains
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The mountains of Prades are placed in the northwestern sector of the Catalan pre-coastal Mountain Range and form a block lifted on the pages|plains of the Field of Tarragona and of the Conca de Barberà. D?uns 260 km2.dels quals occupy an area|surface some 220 are included in National PEIN ?Pla d?Espais d?Interès. After the Ports, they are the second natural space of the more important south of Catalonia, in extension as well as in biological wealth. The territory that reach the Mountains of Prades fond in five regions: Baix Camp, High Field, Conca de Barberà, les Garrigues and the Priorat.

In the mountains of Prades two mountainous, separate sets for the valleys of the Siurana and of the Brugent, rivers that following opposite directions end up flowing in l?Ebre and in the Francolí, can be distinguished respectively. The first includes the maximum altitudes of the massif, which they culminate, near Prades, with the hillock of the Baltasana with 1201 m. The second set of mountains it|he|she makes it between the neck d?Alforja and the populations of the Riba and the Selva del Camp. Here the altitudes are a little inferior, but attain the 1075 m in the mountain Pelat, placed in l?altiplà of the Motllats, lifted|risen everything him above the 1000 m.

The mountains of Prades are an altitudinal, high island between pages|plains and depressions. They can be set in l?àmbit of the Mediterranean climate, with influences continental and due to l?altitud. The rains, little abundant, attain a medium haste|precipitation d?uns 625 mm. These characteristics propitiate a wealth remarkable florística and also l?existència of extreme seats|towns, as much of Iberian floors|plants how Euro-Siberian. The vegetation has a character in a basic way Mediterranean which people see specified by the presence of sub-Mediterranean and also Euro-Siberian communities in some points.

Often the fauna have been affected by the human pressure that has suffered the massif. Of the mammals we will highlight some species that inhabit the forest as l?esquirol, the cellarda rat, the mouse of forest and the small shrew. Animal D?altres that we can find are the wild boar pig|pork, the badger and sporadically, the wild cat and the polecat. Also we find the fox, the weasel and the rabbit. In the courses d?aigua we find the rat d?aigua and it seems to be that the magnificent otter has disappeared. In the chapter of the birds there is the presence of golden l?àguila, the perdiguera one, the uncommon hawk, the crow, the rock blackbird, etc.

The mountains of Prades were already inhabited by primitive l?home corresponding to the period of the epipaleolític. In l?abric d?una she|it balma calcareous of the valley of the Siurana there is the most ancient|antique bed. Found S?han cave paintings in caves on foot of cliff, with water, like the cave of the ravine of the homestead d?en Llort and the cave of the homestead of the Degree.

Of the neolithic period the finds are more abundant and centered on the coats of reddish stoneware, calcareous caves, in the landings of the cliffs and in the funds of the valleys. Also found s?han Iberian rests|subtractions and Romans although in little amount, fact that it makes to think that the settlement was little important. At present, the people|villages and hamlets that there are in the mountainous set are the following ones: Meadows, l?Albiol, Arbolí, Capafonts, the Febró, Mont-ral, Farena, the Bosquet, l?Aixàviga, Rojals and Siurana.

At present the General Direction of the Natural Environment is working in the definition d?un joint d?aspectes that they have to configure the future Nature Reserve of the Mountains of Prades. Previous to write up l?avantprojecte of the park or memory that will accompany the decree of creation this direction, who|which depends on the Department of Environment, he|she|it has pioneered a first social and territorial phase of harmonization so that the project of Nature Reserve starts from the maxim possible implication of the local administrations, the civil company|society and the set of the local population.

Description - Author: Josep Abelló Ribera
License of use: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Editor for this card is Josep Abelló Ribera  



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