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Centro (Comunitat Autónoma) - Fitxa Geogràfica de Senderisme
Origen: wikipedia
Llicencia d'ús: GNU-GFDL
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Comunitat Autónoma
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Centro Region (Região Centro) is a region in central Portugal, and its capital is Coimbra. It is one of five Regions of Portugal (NUTS II subdivisions). This is one of the regions of Europe, considered by the European Union for statistical and geographical purposes. The region match roughly the boundaries of the older Beiras region.

Its population in 2003 totalized 2,366,691 inhabitants, and its area is 23,668.193 km².

The Centro is a region of diversified landscapes. The interior is mountainous with some plateaus, dominated by the Serra da Estrela mountain. The region is plentiful of pine and chestnut trees forests. The green, rugged landscape of this region is crisscrossed by rivers. Several river valleys at the foot of the mountains have a full bodied charm that draw one to outdoor activities like fishing, tennis and canoeing. In the Winter season, skiing in Serra da Estrela is a popular activity, but in some places, like near the town of Seia skiing before the Winter season is possible due to artificial snow infrastructures. The coastal plain has several beaches, like the ones of Mira, Figueira da Foz and Aveiro. Natural landmarks in this region are the Serra da Estrela mountain range (the biggest and highest in mainland Portugal), with its Serra da Estrela Natural Park, the Mondego river, the Aveiro Lagoon (Ria de Aveiro) and the coastal beaches.

The region is divided in ten sub-regions:

  • Baixo Mondego
  • Baixo Vouga
  • Beira Interior Norte
  • Beira Interior Sul
  • Cova da Beira
  • Dão-Lafões
  • Pinhal Interior Norte
  • Pinhal Interior Sul
  • Pinhal Litoral
  • Serra da Estrela

Descripció -
Origen: wikipedia
Llicencia d'ús: GNU-GFDL

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