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Centre d`Interpretació del Massís del Pedraforca - Fitxa
Centre d`Interpretació del Massís del Pedraforca
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El municipi de Saldes es troba situat al nord-oest del Berguedà.Municipi de relleu muntanyós sota protecció,té la Serra del Cadí al nord,la serra d´Ensija al Sud i el Pedraforca a ponent.
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Centre d`Interpretació del Massís del Pedraforca - Presentació

El Pedraforca is an unusual mountain for its character and beauty. Standing vigorously, isolated from the other mountains, with sharp shapes dominating the bare rocks of its peaks. It consists of a huge mass limestone, with a central section of marl and has a characteristic silhouette of the two large summits or peaks (Pollegó superior, in the north, with an altitude of 2,497m (8,192 ft) and the Pollegó inferior - in the south -, with 2,430m (7,973 ft), separated by the deep Enforcadura, cut by erosion. In 1982, it was declared as an area of Natural Interest.

The valley that forms Saldes, is crossed by the river Saldes, which is fed by, among others, the Riera Salada, a saltwater stream, and the Gresolet stream. The heritage is as old as important: a dolmen dated between 1800 and 1400 B.C.,  a monastery from the 9th century; a castle of the 11th century and churches of the 11th, 13th and posteriors centuries. Thanks to the fact that the main part of the territory remains under various types of protection, you can enjoy an important natural wealth, both plant and animal species.

In the middle of the village of Saldes, at the Pedraforca square, you find the Pedraforca Massif Interpretation Centre. Inside you will find all kinds of information about the Natural Area of National Interest of the Pedraforca Massif, composed of educational and informative panels about the formation of Pedraforca, its flora and fauna and some mock-ups, also from the coal mining activities.
In addition, there are programmed, throughout the year, various types of activities, such as guided tours on foot, on horseback or by 4x4, family excursions, visits in the rural surroundings, canyoning, astronomical observations, botanical and mycological excursions,... .

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