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Save Himalayan Cargo Pvt. Ltd. - Fitxa
Save Himalayan Cargo Pvt. Ltd.
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Save Himalayan Cargo Pvt. Ltd.
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SK Pandey
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Best Cargo & Courier Service in Nepal
Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.
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Save Himalayan Cargo Pvt. Ltd. - Presentació

Cargo and Courier in Nepal | Save Himalayan Cargo

Save Himalayan Cargo Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Cargo Logistics, Courier and Freight Forwarding Company of Nepal established on 2015 by the professionals having adequate knowledge and experience of more than a decade in the Freight Forwarding and Cargo Logistics field. The company facilitates effective and efficient shipping of goods through Air Cargo, Air & Sea Cargo and Land & Sea Cargo. It ensures that shipments are picked up and delivered on time, paperwork is completed, fees are collected, customs are verified and tariff forms are prepared. Following are the reasons why in a very short tenure, Save Himalayan Cargo has been able to establish itself as the leading Cargo Logistics and Freight Forwarding Company of Nepal.

  • We have more than 270 international flight forwarding business partners in more than 115 countries.
  • We determine effective shipping methods and routes from pick-up location to final destination.
  • We provide adequate packing materials depending upon the type of goods and products.
  • We provide convenient advice to the clients on transportation and payment options.
  • We coordinate suitable transportation and logistics details with airlines, shipping, courier and other freight companies
  • We offer quality estimation, negotiation, and determination of postal rates, shipment costs, and other charges.
  • We notify clients of cargo shipments, status en route, and time of delivery on a continuous basis
  • We prepare required Bills of Lading(BL), invoices, and other required shipping documents
  • We have record of information with details , weight, dimensions, time of shipment and others.
  • We provide adequate trace of lost shipments as necessary

Under the rules and regulations of Nepal Government Customs, Save Himalayan Cargo is providing International level of Cargo Services from its establishment and will continue to do so in coming future. We are responsible member of National & International Freight Forwarding Association: Nepal Freight Forwarders Association (NEFFA) & World Freight Network (WFN) and have good relation with International Logistic & Shipping Companies and their agents. Over the years, we had provided our best possible service to every corner of globe. Furthermore, we have the good experience of handling the merchandise of different NGO’s, INGO’s, Nepal Government, FNCCI and Embassy of different countries.

If you are looking for an International and domestic import and export cargo services, please feel free to contact us:
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