Terms and Conditions of use of 'SENDERISME.COM'

Senderisme.com is a web site that informas about hiking, rambling and trekking touristic products.


The holder of this web site is Senderisme.com, which belongs to Jordi Ferrer, NIF 37727989P, address C/ Joan Miró, 42-44 - Barcelona.
The administrative controller of the web site is Editorial Piolet with CIF B65544223, adress C/ Nicaragua, 46 - 08029 - Barcelona


SENDERISME.COM offers through its web site the services that in the same one are detailed  and that will be governed by the conditions that they settle depending on the service effectively hired. The web site has been carried out to loan the services that in the same one are detailed and to facilitate like this the access on the part of the USERS to all the information about the characteristics of the same ones.


FIRST. - AREA OF APPLICATION: The present general conditions apply only and exclusively the use of the web site of SENDERISME.COM for the people who access it, which in this document is called USER. The access to the web site means, for the USER, the acceptance of the present general conditions of use and the duty to respect them.

SECOND. - CONDITIONS OF ACCESS AND USE: The conditions of access and use of the present web site apply strictly to the valid legality and for the principle of good faith the USER compromises on using it and its services correctly. THE USER must not use the web site and the services offered on it for the realization of activities against the law or to the detriment of third. All the acts of use of the web page that the legality or rights of third like harm come off therefore prohibited: right to the privacy, protection of data, copyright... etc SENDERISME.COM will inform the competent authority any breach of these duties on the part of the USERS, as well as also the realization through the web site of any type of illicit activity. THE USER forces to not carrying out actions that they can produce to the web page or through the same any type of harm in the systems of SENDERISME.COM THE USER himself must not send of messages in massive way ("spamming"). THE USER must not send big messages in order to block servers of the net ("bombing mail"). The acceptance on the part of the USER of these general conditions of use implies also the express acceptance of receiving the communications and newsletter of SENDERISME.COM. This acceptance will be able to be changed at any moment by accessing the private area or informing SENDERISME.

THIRD. - CONTENTS: The contents into this web site have been elaborated and included for: 1. - SENDERISME.COM itself using internal and external sources, in such a way that SENDERISME.COM is only made responsible for their own contents. 2. - The USERS, through collaborations or voluntary introduction of contents, are the only persons responsible for the same ones and exempt SENDERISME.COM of any responsibility.

FOURTH. - INSCRIPTION: The utilization of the web site does not force to subscribe. This will only be necessary to hire determinate services or to request determinate information through the introduction of determinate data in a form. The USER can register in a voluntary way.

FIFTH. - PASSWORD: The registered USER compromise on carrying out a diligent use of the password being a person responsible for the security and confidentiality of the same ones and having the duty and the sole right responsibility of keeping them safe in order to deny access to third persons non authorized. THE USER compromises also on communicating SENDERISME.COM, in case of lose, theft or any other incident that is derived or it can derive in a risk for the confidentiality of the data.

SIXTH. - GUARANTEE: Under no circumstances SENDERISME.COM guarantees the availability, the continuity or the adequacy of the services offered of the web site at the expectations of the USER, neither guarantees the performance of the services. Under no circumstances SENDERISME.COM guarantees against the bad use that USERS carry out to the service. THE USER will not have any right to claim compensation of any type from temporary interruptions or definite suspension of the services. SENDERISME.COM can interrupt at any moment the access of the USER to the web site and to its services, this interruption can be temporary or definitive, and, without previous warning. This applies to the whole site or only apart from the services at it. SENDERISME.COM will under no circumstances be responsible for: a) The failures of any type that could be produced to the communications, and to the deleting of data or to the incomplete transmissions, meaning that we the services are not guaranteed . b) Any type of damage that the USERS or third people could bring about to the web site. c) The legality or good purpose of the operations or juridical businesses that the USER carries out with other USERS that they have the theirs contained in an eventual way lodged or included in the web site.

SEVENTH. - SECURITY. - SENDERISME.COM does not use yet the technology of encryption SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to guarantee the security of all transactions.

EIGHTH. - RIGHTS OF COPYRIGHT AND INDUSTRIALIST, AUTHOR'S COPYRIGHT AND MARK. The contents of this site, except where noted, are protected by the Creative Commons  license. According to the link that can be found at the foot of every page, the contents can be copied if: - The webmaster of the Site is informed previously by email (link of ‘contact’ at the foot of every page) - The name of the author must be written. It is a good rule also to put a link towards the page of where the information has been taken. - It is not used for commercial purpose. - In case the contents are modified, it has to be published under the same license. Exceptions: It has to be taken into account that, apart from the license of foot of page, which indicates the general norm, if there is some contents or image that at their foot indicates an author or license, this one is the one that has validity, for these contents or image in particular. Every user that publishes can choose the license that thinks it is adequate.

NINTH. - JURISDICTION and APPLICABLE LAW. - The present general conditions are governed by the Spanish legislation.

TENTH. - VALIDITY OF THESE GENERAL CONDITIONS: In the event that any clause of the present document is declared null, the other clauses will be valid and they will be interpreted taking into account the wills of the parts and the same purpose of the present conditions. SENDERISME.COM can modify at any moment the present General Conditions without notice to the USERS, publishing it on the web page the updated.

ELEVENTH. - NOTIFICATIONS: Any notification can be sent to SENDERISME.COM by any of the means of contact that appear at the foot of this document and in the section "Contact" at the same site.

Conditions of use as registered user in the DIRECTORY in the web site 'SENDERISME.COM'

We call REGISTERED USER IN THE DIRECTORY to the registered user who can offer information of products to the visitors of SENDERISME.COM or services related to hiking. These conditions of Use complement the Conditions of Use as a registered user.


- It can register free and to have mini site where it can place its basic information, its logo, its description and imagenes.
- To receive email by of its contact page
- Its email appears in image format to avoid spam.


- the information that places in its mini site must be truthful.
- Must accomplish LSSI law. This means, to inform its NIF, trade name, telephone, and mailing adress in the case that informs of commercial products.
- it does not have to place text or imagenes that infringes copyrights.
- To review the conditions of use regularly, since these can be modified without previous warning

?Senderisme.com, in relation to the USER REGISTERED IN THE DIRECTORY, ia allowed to
- sending regularly emails about new functionalities of the web site or promotions related directly with his entity or company
- without previous notice, to cancel its 'mini web site' and its functionality

In relation to providers, articles and activities that appear at this web site

Senderisme.com only offers the tecnnological infrastructure so that a registered user can publish his company, products, activities, pictures and news at this web site. This means that senderisme.com acts as a ISP (service provider). We do not guarantee that the published information is correct or real. In case of misunderstanding or reclamation with a company, entity, product or activity included in this web site, SENDERISME.COM is not responsible for the possible damages. We ask, nevetheless, that if you find any negligence at any Directory member, including Sponsors, please inform us and we will take the appropiate measures, and if necessary, delete it from the Directory.

Privacy Policy

Some of the services that are offered from the Site requires the previous registration of the users. In this case a form has to be filled in with personal information. The data is stored with strict confidentiality in order to protect the privacy of the users, and will not be used for any other purpose than the one for what it is required. According to the Spanish legislation (LOPD), the user can access, modify or delete their data, by getting in touch with Senderisme.com or directly from their USERS panel.

A USER registration is made by acceptance from the USER. The user can choose if they want to receive the weekly newsletter written by the editors of the web site. They can also choose if they want to receive offers and publicity. In this last case, the data is never sold to third parties, it is the web site itself that with an automated system filters and sends the publicity of third parties.

We also inform that for the registered users ‘cookies’ are used with the aim of maintaining certain parameters of configuration and facilitating the navigation of the USER in the Site.

The file of data is inscribed in the SPANISH AGENCY OF PROTECTION OF DATA with the code 2061521079.

Adaptación a la normativa Europea GDPR de Protección de Datos

A partir del 25 de mayo de 2018 es de plena aplicación el nuevo Reglamento Europeo de Protección de Datos. En SENDERISME.com estamos adaptados a dicho reglamento.

  • Tenemos guardada como información vuestra la que rellenaste en su momento al daros de alta a nuestro boletín, como el nombre, correo electrónico, idioma preferido, fecha de inscripción, y opciones extras de envío (actividades, alojamiento, material, territorio). Si en su momento rellenásteis otros datos personales, éstos han sido eliminados de nuestra base de datos recientemente.
  • Todos nuestros formularios incluyen ahora un cajita de 'consentimiento' que es necesario marcar para que el formulario se envíe. Es el consentimiento explícito del uso de vuestros datos que rellenáis.
  • En cada formulario hay una nueva nota que explica que hacemos con los datos que se rellenan en ese formulario.
  • Vuestros datos de registro se guardan en nuestro servidor, cuyo proveedor de hosting es ARVIXE, y está localizado en Amsterdam, en la Unión Europea.
  • Los datos de registro se guardan indefinidamente, y se borran cuando se cumple uno de los dos siguientes casos: 1. Cuando se pide la baja del boletín por parte vuestra. 2. Cuando el envío es rechazado ('bounce') más de dos veces.
  • Con vuestro usuario y contraseña podéis acceder a la extranet y modificar vuestros datos así como si queréis recibir el boletín o no, así como información complementaria de actividades, material de excursionismo, alojamientos, etc.
  • El 'derecho al olvido' lo podéis ejercer enviando un correo a nuestro webmaster indicando baja.
  • En relación a la portabilidad, garantizamos que vuestros datos no son ni han sido nunca traspasados a terceros.
  • Si por algún motivo descubriéramos o fuéramos informados por nuestro proveedor de hosting que vuestros datos han sido robados o 'hackeados' os informaríamos en un plazo menor a 72 horas

Editorial Piolet
C/ Nicaragua, 46 - 08029 - Barcelona
Tel: 634 797 478


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