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Rincón Mountain Range
EditorJuan Toribio Ibarguren
The Rincón mountain range was declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2005, and is just one hour by car from Madrid.
Located 100 km from the capital, in the northeast of the region of Madrid, you will find the Rincón mountain range, characterised by its varied landscapes and biodiversity. Two valleys constitute the area, La Hiruela and La Puebla, surrounded by the mountains of the Ayllón and Somosierra ranges, whit summits up to 2200 m, which are the source of the Jarama River.
The mountain landscapes alternate with forests, valleys, pastures, cultivated land with traditional crops in the lower areas and the five country villages that belong to this domain: Horcajuelo de la Sierra, Montejo de la Sierra, La Hiruela, Puebla de la Sierra and Prádena del Rincón.
The Rincón mountain range gives rise to different natural habitats - fundamentally Euro-Siberian and Mediterranean -, meaning that you will find a broad variety of species of trees, such as pine, oak, holm oak, beech and ash.
Perhaps the area´s main attraction is a forest conformed by a mixture of beech and oak tress known as the Montejo Beech Forest (El Hayedo de Montejo), one of Europe´s southernmost beech forests.
Its sheer orography and the short supply of arable land did not allow the settlement of an ample population. Thus a secular isolation kept the region until the 60-70´s when the improvement of communications permitted the access to the zone.
The villages in the area have interestingcultural heritage and you can also see well conserved, traditional architecture and working elements such as fountains, forges and water mills.
Interested? I shall organize your visit, hiking and summits climbing upon request.
If you are wishing a different hiking experience, in a far more personal way, just let me know and we shall plan it together
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Meira´s Chair
View from Porrejón (1821m) summit
View fron Santui (1926m) summit
La Hiruela
View fron El Cerrón (2197m) summit
Cardoso de la Sierra
Jarama river


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