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Can Garra Seca -Parc Etnològic- - Fitxa
Can Garra Seca -Parc Etnològic-
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Finca situada a la ´Marina´ de Llucmajor (Mallorca) que compta amb importants elements etnològics, paisatgístics, fauna i flora...
Camí de Sa Torre, km 6 (pol.40 parc.7,10,20 i 37)
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Can Garra Seca -Parc Etnològic- - Presentació
Can Garraseca is a farm of 100 acres, located in 'Sa Marina' Llucmajor (Mallorca).

This is a cattle farm and forest that has many ethnological elements (wind mill, cisterns, ponds, lime kiln, cabins, tanks ...), areas of almond and carob trees, scrub areas and forest zones.

Ethnological elements

Windmill and water tanks. -
Built in dry stone has a cintell, the work area is located on the lower of the tower,  and at the upper part of the tower are the elements to move the machinery and the wood to move the hat and put the sails to the wind.
At the base of the mill wheels you can see the date 1831.
It was recently restored by the Consell de Mallorca (2010), and is the only windmill, with thin tower, of Mallorca that has all the machinery to grind.
It lies within a triangular dry wall enclosure, where besides the windmill there are two water catchment tanks with water inlets, and different systems of water use :  canalizations to water the animals and sinks for washing clothes with canal irrigation, etc ...

Lime kiln. -
Ethnological element with a circular ring with three stone walls, and the small door to feed the oven with wood.
It is a large oven, and one of the best preserved of the term Llucmajor.
It is surprisingly located in the middle of the pines, bushes and olive trees.

Covered natural water tanks. -
They has been used by man since pre-history, to survive in an environment with no other means to get water, taking advantage of the natural rock surface cavities that were covered using different systems (vault, cornet, .. .).
The decks are intended to avoid water evaporation, a very precious well in the Marine of Llucmajor

Tanker . -
In addition to the different tanker that are in natural caves, also we found the ponds normally at the subsurface and usually end with a barrel vault or just a curbstone, as well as a water catchment system using the natural slope of the land by the construction of ditches called 'cap-reg', they have small rainwater tanks to filter the water, in the main water entry they placed a thorny plant called sarsaparrilla, to filter the surface water.

Photo Tour
See some pictures of the opening day of the mill, May 2010:

School visit:

See the rolling mill:

More information:
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